Ahima Essentials’ Name and Logo Breakdown

Ahima Essentials’ Name and Logo Breakdown

Angela wanted to pay homage to her home Ghana by not only sourcing some natural ingredients from back home and fellow local Ghanaian businesses, she constructed her logo with Adinkra Symbols and colour coded with her country’s flag colours.

 Adinkra symbols are Ghanaian visual representations of deep concepts and sayings. These symbols originated from Ghana and Côte D’Ivoire, symbolizing Akan culture such as royals wearing them to significant events. The colours in the Ghana flag are red (representing the bloodshed of Ghana’s people) yellow (represents Mineral wealth; Ghana is the land of gold,  green (representing forestry and rich green lands) and black (representing the emancipation of Ghana)

 In the center of the brand’s logo is the Nsaa (n-saa) symbol. It represents excellence, and a type woven cloth that is authentic and genuine. Ahima Essentials strive to remain authentic by being transparent with ingredients used; providing excellent hand crafted products. African fabric prints are used in her product bundles to display the different beautiful patterns woven to make them and to have a piece of Ghana!

 Encompassing the Nsaa is a Tabono (ta-bo-no) symbol. The Tabono stands for hard work, strength and persistence. Hard work can bring out the best in a lot of things in life, including what can come from nature! Nature has strong ingredients that have been used for different internal and topical remedies.  There are different plant based butters that have natural sunscreen, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties as well as vitamins our bodies can benefit from! With anything hun life persistence will yield results!

 Completing and encasing both symbols is a circle. The circle is not an Adinkra symbol, but is an important one. Some representations of the circle are infinite unity and wholeness. The unity of nature’s ingredients brings together the wholeness of each vision together; creating effective all organic nature products as nature intended.  

 With family being such a significant factor, Angela derived her brand name from her fathers middle name Ahimah. Angela’s vision is to spread love and care one product at a time globally. Using essentials that our skin can benefit from is a key focus. Family, Honesty and Hard Work have been staples in Angela’s life and her vision is coming to fruition with Ahima Essentials!



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